Jill Shah
Designer & Technologist

Hey there! I’m Jill, a spatial storyteller with over 5 years of work experience spanning a multi-disciplinary design universe. I started out as an architect (got the degree and all), then decided to spice things up in the Creative Tech industry. Currently, I am having the time of my career as an Experiential Production Designer; blending spatial design, code and physical computing mojo.

I am all about crafting immersive experiences that transcend imagination. Whether I’m doodling, coding or playing with new gadgets, I am on a mission to turn spaces into adventures! Sometimes, I also dive into making sculptural artwork  with help from algorithms. Check out some of my favorite work I’ve done ~ where art and architecture meets tech creating spatial magic.

Notable Clients: Camp, NYC | Netflix | Superfly | Publicis Media | Accenture | Parsons School of Design | Citi Bank

Email me for collaborations: jill.shah810@gmail.com

Connect via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillnshah/